Welcome to Lagos Interactive Streetmap – Home of digital map for lagos, abuja, port-harcourt and other states in nigeria.

Do you want to grow business and increase your profit? If YES, then you need an accurate map of your sales territory and areas of business activities. With detailed and accurate map of Lagos you can plan your sales and marketing strategy, study your customer’s distribution and plan your expansion locations. It helps you answer question like:

  • Where should the next store be located?
  • Where are sales surging – and where are they not?
  • Where to dispatch emergency crews and what is the fastest route?
  • Where are the best customers – and where to get more of them?
  • Where should assets be placed; such as cell towers or ATM machines?
  • Where are the vulnerable markets to competition?

It also can answer “what if” scenarios to help in planning and predicting such as:

  • What if a competitor builds a store here?
  • What if demographics in a key market change?

By going beyond traditional GIS, lagosmap is enabling businesses, government agencies and educational institutions to find answers and act quickly

The integration of location intelligence into daily operations helps your organizations achieve significant analytical and operational advantage. Location intelligence is empowering even non-GIS experts to gain the advantage of using location to make more insightful everyday decisions. Location intelligence can help you answer questions such as: